The Christmas Visit Available Again for only 99 cents!

A Chicago art director in his early thirties returns to his tiny Upstate New York hometown to spend the holiday with his recently widowed father only to find himself involved with his boyhood crush, now a closeted sheriff’s deputy. It’s sentimental and sexy, with a bit of mystery stirred in.

From Rainbow Reviews, “The Christmas Visit is a compelling, strongly-written, realistic short story of love lost and found. Beautifully woven, the mystery of Travis’ marriage plus the long-held attractions make for a story that will keep readers riveted, and returning for a second and third read. Marshall Thornton delivers a not-to-be missed holiday tale of romance, lust, family secrets, and entangled relationships. Do not let this one pass you by!”

From Dark Divas, “Marshall Thornton has packed so much into this story that it amazed me. There’s heartache, anger, mystery, soul searching and of course love and romance. There weren’t just remote references to these things either. All were complete scenes told in great detail that had me totally engrossed until the very end. I don’t think I’ve ever known an author to get so much into so few pages. And the ending, well, lets just say it left me with a big smile on my face!”

Rated # 5 Delightful Divas by Helen!

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The Development: Three Jan Birch Mysteries

Set in the mid-sixties in upstate New York, Jan Birch is a housewife who lives in a planned development of small, cramped homes. As she struggles with a difficult marriage and an anti-social son, she finds herself involved in the murder of the neighborhood divorcee, her boss’s difficult divorce when she gets a part-time job and, eventually, falls in love with a man who may or may not be a murderer himself.

This short story collection includes the separately published Coffee Clutch, Bartholi’s Rest and Mountain View Terrace in one volume.

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Lucky is Lost

When divorced dad Richard Gibbings gets a call from his little girl telling him that Lucky, the family dog is missing, he immediately rushes over to look for her. Unable to find the dog, he posts flyers around the neighbor hood in hopes that someone might call. Unexpectedly, he receives a ransom note. Someone has taken Lucky. Who would do such a terrible thing? The creepy babysitter? His troubled teenage son? His ex-wife’s new boyfriend? As Richard struggles to learn the truth, his world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon a terrible family secret.

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The Beneficiary


Set against the backdrop of the Los Angeles riots, this contemporary noir follows a struggling real estate agent who’s cooked up a plan to make a big pot of money. Hanging around a Narcotics Anonymous meeting she finds a former addict struggling through the last stages of AIDS. Offering him support, she mortgages her home and uses the money to buy property in his name. Property she insures. As she waits for him to die so she can collect her big payday, she begins to suspect he may not be everything she thought. Now includes the bonus story SIMPLE ADDITION and an excerpt from the upcoming mystery MURDER AT HAPPY ACRES.

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