The Perils of Praline or, The Amorous Adventures of a Southern Gentleman in Hollywood.

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Before Kim Kardashian broke the Internet with her butt…Peter “Praline” Palmetier brought it crashing down with his. When he falls in love with a contestant on a reality TV show, Praline decides to leave his home in rural Georgia and—failing to realize this might be considered stalking—travels to Hollywood to find and meet his soul mate, Dave G. Once in Tinseltown he encounters a collection of startling, and often horny, characters in his quest. They include a studly steward, the Godfather of the Gay Mafia, a bondage-crazed landlord and casting assistant Jason Friedman, who always manages to be there in time to save Praline from total disaster. But it is conservative pundit, Malcolm Wright who propels Praline’s derriere into the Internet hall of fame when the two are filmed in the backseat of an SUV. Will Praline eventually realize his dream of becoming a same-sex celebrity spouse? Or will he find everyday, ordinary love?

From Kassa at Three Dollar Bill Reviews, “It’s fun, humorous, and a wild romp with outrageous characters and ridiculous actions but that’s what makes it so absorbing and engaging. It’s a crazy whirlwind that is only eclipsed by the next even more ludicrous antic. Sit back and enjoy the humor without thinking too closely at the reasons.”

Re-release April 17, 2015 on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

5 responses to “The Perils of Praline or, The Amorous Adventures of a Southern Gentleman in Hollywood.

  1. Greetings Mr Thornton,

    I am a KU subscriber.

    I downloaded what I thought was “Perils of Praline” but the text is really for “Praline in Washington.”

    Can you contact amazon?

    This has happened to me with another author’s books. I guess there is a mix-up of the files.


    • Hi, thanks for contacting me. This was completly my fault. I’ve loaded the correct file and it should update within the next 24 hours. I don’t know how KU works, I’m not a subscriber. You might need to unborrow and reborrow to get the file to update. Let me know if you continue to have problems.


      • Hi, I was having the same problem. Then, I noticed that the sample download is correct but not when you download the whole book. Just checked again and it’s still doing it. I’m assuming it should be fixed in a day or so?


      • Hi Jenna, I just checked on my end and the book is now correct. Are you also on KU? I assumed they updated as quickly as they do for purchases, but maybe not.


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