The Beneficiary


Set against the backdrop of the Los Angeles riots, this contemporary noir follows a struggling real estate agent who’s cooked up a plan to make a big pot of money. Hanging around a Narcotics Anonymous meeting she finds a former addict struggling through the last stages of AIDS. Offering him support, she mortgages her home and uses the money to buy property in his name. Property she insures. As she waits for him to die so she can collect her big payday, she begins to suspect he may not be everything she thought. Now includes the bonus story SIMPLE ADDITION and an excerpt from the upcoming mystery MURDER AT HAPPY ACRES.

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2 responses to “The Beneficiary

  1. Enjoyed your article for ScreenwritingU about set pieces. However, you used an incorrect word: composed when correct word is comprised. This is one of the most common wrong word usages by writers. Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out. Long been one of my pet peeves as a writer, editor and publisher.


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