A Mean Season Releasing December 16th

The next book in the Dom Reilly series…

Dom Reilly is back. In this follow up to Year of the Rat, Dom helps clear three men wrongly convicted of rape while also following a pet project—the twenty-year-old case of a man accused of killing his lover in 1976. Meanwhile, Dom gets wind that someone is looking for him. A private detective from Chicago. Concerned that he might be putting his lover Ronnie in danger, he begins to make plans to disappear. Forever.

Praise for Year of the Rat

“5+ stars for “Year of the Rat”, and we can only hope that Marshall Thornton gives this series as many wonderful books as his stellar Boystown series.” – Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews

“It’s a mystery you can’t put down. You’ve got the good, the bad, the ugly and the innocent all trying to fight for different reasons. Most are bad and some good. And it’s a page turner. You never know what’s lurking around the next corner, who’s in cahoots with who, and how it’s going to end. The perfect mystery. I can’t wait for book 2.” – Becca, Lovebytes

Get it here.


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