Code Name: Liberty is now out!

In the summer of 1980, the news is full of the upcoming election and the hostage crisis in Iran but Patrick Henry Burke is not paying any attention. He’s met a Persian prince and his head is full of romance. All of that changes though when a sexy CIA agent, Gary Walker, approaches him and asks that he spy on the prince and his father. They’re attempting to prevent the hostages from being released to guarantee Carter won’t win the presidency in hopes that the Reagan administration will be grateful enough to assist the prince’s father in becoming the new Shah of Iran. As Patrick gathers information about an impending illegal weapons deal, he struggles to understand who might be lying to him and who might be telling the truth.

“…a riveting read…” Nathan Bay, author Young Forever

“Romance, heartbreak and edge-of-your-seat suspense all interweaved in an intriguing, superbly written plot.” Brad Shreve, author A Body in a Bathhouse



2 responses to “Code Name: Liberty is now out!

  1. Dear Marshall,

    I really enjoyed your recent novel Code Name: Liberty. One detail (I attended the University of Tehran when I was young and I am fluent in Persian), in case you decide to write a sequel. Nima is always a male name. The portrayal of the Iranian characters, including the kissing of cheeks, issues of hospitality, etc., is very well-done. Best wishes, Anthony


    • Thank you. I did a lot of research. I am going to have to double-check the sites I use when choosing names, though. I had a similar gender issue in Boystown with a Czech name. Is there a similar female name? I’m self-published so I can actually make changes.


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