Boystown 11: Heart’s Desire releases August 10, 2018!

Boystown 11-Heart Desire Ebook_edited-2

In February 1985, Nick struggles to recover from a gunshot wound, while taking on the case of a disturbed woman who may or may not have witnessed a murder. As he attempts to determine exactly what the woman saw, and how much danger she may be in, he juggles the approaching DeCarlo trial, an ill Mrs. Harker and the sexually precious Terry. Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Joseph produces some big changes in their relationship. Life is changing, but there’s no guarantee it’s for the better.

Praise for the Boystown Mysteries

Boystown, the series, is a vivid work of literary fiction. Brilliant in execution, alive with hope, fear, pathos, and despair, it also possesses a wry sense of humor that not only lightens the mood but also acts to highlight the absurdities of social conventions. Thornton pulls no punches. You will laugh, you will cry and you will scream at Nick to get a clue. When he does, though, it’s best not to relax your guard.” — Dianne – GGR Reviews

“…what I’ve enjoyed about all the novels in the Boystown series: although Nick Nowak was the voice in all of the novels, you will sense the author within every word, on stage and intense. If the previous statement does not reflect my appreciation of the author’s writing skills, try this: Bravo, Marshall Thornton!” — Asabat, Hearts on Fire Reviews

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