Boystown 6: From the Ashes is a finalist for the Lambda Award in Gay Mystery!

Boystown 6 Cover 2nd Edition2It’s winter 1984, Private Investigator Nick Nowak has allowed his life to fall to pieces: he’s stopped taking cases, given up his apartment and taken a job as a bartender at a sleazy joint tucked under the El. All he wants to do is stay hidden and lick his wounds after the death of his lover, Detective Bert Harker. But, when the least likely person in the world shows up at the bar and asks him to take a new case he finds himself investigating the very un-suspicious heart attack death of a priest. Nick is convinced he’s wasting his time until the clues begin to add up to something entirely unsuspected. Release date: May 23rd, 2014.

Excerpt available at Goodreads.

My Fiction Nook: Best of 2014

11 responses to “Boystown 6: From the Ashes is a finalist for the Lambda Award in Gay Mystery!

  1. Marshall, where can I buy the paperback version of From the Ashes?, Amazon, etc. only have the ebook for sale.


  2. Congratulations of being a finalist for the Lambda Award .I love this series and have them in paperback ( just got the new editions)and kndle format.The Nick Nowark series reminds me of the late great Joseph Hansen’s prolific Brandstetter series. I always look forward to each new Nowark book.


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